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Customer Experience Automation Mini Workshop

‼️ Do you know you DO NOT need to spend a lot of money and time to deliver an awesome customer experience that drives sales? ...and the icing on the cake? It can also be automated.

Customer Experience Automation is a simple and actionable process that can at least double your sales and beyond by automating the 5 stages of customer experience journey. From Awareness > Consideration > Purchase > Testimony > Loyalty.

You’ll get the clarity on how to 2x sales in just 30 days using simple automations to improve customer experiences without spending a lot of money.

You don’t need any special technical skill to get started, we’ll teach you how to use the tools needed no matter you’re a non-tech savvy person or a tech superman. You’ll get the skill as long as you're willing to learn.

We are committed to your success, the only catch is you are required to take action NOW.

Turn every customer touchpoint into an advantage to motivate new sales. A Customer Experience Automation system can help you deliver the right information, at the right time, via the right channel to exactly the people who need it.

Automating customer experience can sound complex, but it can be strategically simple. Customer Experience Automation system will provide you the right tools and the step by step blueprint that is actionable.


  • Have you ever hired people to do your routine day to day business jobs ?? 
  • Did you find that even though you tried to hire the best talent you could afford, doing the job got you inconsistant results??
  • And are you still hiring more talent and getting disappointing results?
  • Even though you feel like you should be selling much more??
  • Unfortunately, I know your problem all too well. 
  • As a business owner, I've struggled with whole “manpower conundrum” myself. 

With people, you usually run into one of the following problems:

While they may be able to do their jobs reasonably well, that doesn't mean they can create outputs that makes your product fly off the shelves. Running Successful Business is about so much more than merely stringing tasks together. It requires an understanding of consumer psychology which 95% of people who claim to be experts just don't have.

With more workloads normally people land up making more mistakes resulting in poor customer experience.

With so much competition to get the customer’s attention, surely you cannot afford any delay in response, Can You?

Where does that leave you?

Of course, you could always Look for solutions


Customer Experience Automation is a simple process by which the entire customer experience journey is automated from Awareness -> Consideration -> Purchase -> Testimony and finally Loyalty and by automating this journey you can at least double your sales.

... No more No more productivity challenges.Simple.
... No more No more wasting time on non-core business activities.
... No more No more so-so results.

Simply apply Automation Strategies so that you can focus on sales and marketing and scale your business to 2X, 3X or even 4X.

Customer Experience Automation Crushes the Competition

Although Customer Experience Automation isn't the only Introducing Customer Experience Automation on the market, it's the best.
Because my Introducing Customer Experience Automation offers We use simple tools and strategies so that you could get the most ROI for your investment.
My competitors' Normal Business Owners have to do things manually and this increases the chances of errors and latency to response time don't offer. However, if you want, you need to do more than --you need Customer Experience Automation.

Better Customer Experience resulting in better ROI

All for less than the cost of Save time and money by Automating your Processes and Communications.
I know what you're probably thinking right now.
Sure, it sounds great, but how do I know Sure, your solution sounds great, but how do I know these automations are any better than ones I could do manually myself??

You will Learn the same automations that most successful companies and professionals use

To understand what makes Customer Experience Automation such an important implementation process in almost all successful organizations, let me tell you.

If You Can Drag & Drop, You Can Create Amazing Automations

Customer Experience Automation is super easy-to-use.
...even if Automations are super easy-to-use and
...even if you've never written copy before.
...even if Setting up Automations is super easy-to-use
...even if you skip my step-by-step tutorial.

Who is this for :  
Anyone who wants to grow their business communications with customers  

Who this is not for :
People who want to stay at where they are and customer experience is not important for them 

About the Trainer

Hi, this is Hemant,  I am an IT expert with over 27years of experience. I’ve been working extensively in the video space since the last X years with big brands like Tata Steel, Wizcraft, ITC, Mithsubishi, Hitachi , Emami to name a few.

We live in an age of over-abundance of information and initially it was much harder for me to reach or convey what I wanted to say to people, but just by incorporating the power of videos in my daily life made everything much simpler for me. I just feel that I should be sharing some of my experiences with people and help them avoid the pitfalls I went through in my journey.

Hemant Chabria
Founder - Justvideos

Amol Raut


Aditya Singh


Simi Suri

Life Coach

Ranjan Goenka


Dannies Jhamb

Marketing Executive

Ramnik Sethi Basu

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Shalini Dewan
Branding Consultant

 "When Hemant walks into a project or takes up a new assignment his vibes shift the frequency levels automatically in the room and project. His vibes are integrity , focus, empathy and the right attitude for any project he takes up

Srish Agrawal

"Hemant is a champ. For me he is 'King of Innovation'. Whatever he does, he does with a lot of passion. I am keen to be a student in the 1st batch of his Video Masterclass. Best Wishes!

Alkesh Agarwal

"I am completely blown away. No matter where you go, Justvideos is the coolest, most happening thing around! You won't regret it.

Kamal Agrawal

 " Hemant impressed me on multiple levels.

Course Summary

  • Learn to Get Leads using Outreach Tools Manually
  • Get Them into the framework
  • Learn Simple Segmentations - Process Before Software
  • Use Simple drag and drop Automations
By the End of the Workshop you will be able to 
  • # Get B2B & B2C Leads using Simple Outreach Tools. 
  • # Learn to Process Automation Techniques 
  • # Learn Simple Drag and Drop Automations for Business Continuity.

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